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Five Years of Spain

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It has been five years since I lived and studied in Sevilla, Spain. I was reminiscing tonight with one of my best friends who I met for the first time in Madrid, only hours after arriving in our new country. She asked me to help carry her luggage up the stairs because the hotel didn’t have an operable lift, and her suitcases, saturated with designer clothing, doubled her body weight. There was no way of knowing that this moment would become a metaphor of our friendship five years later.

There are countless aspects of my life that began in Spain. The things I value most today can be traced with a dotted line back to something I experienced during those five months. There was an energy that made time seem irrelevant, and I witnessed that energy gleaming from each of my friends. When any of those same people decide to call or FaceTime me today, from however many thousands of miles away, it’s impossible to ignore the energy that resurfaces.

It’s something that is carried with us in our everyday lives. It’s the driving force that took all of the inspiration from our five months of living in a city that has more history and culture than one person can possibly absorb in a lifetime, and manifested itself into all of our personal and professional endeavors over the last five years.

I don’t get to see these friends often enough, but that’s partially because we’re all still conquering the world with the momentum that we carried back with us from Spain. Spain isn’t just the country that we lived in. Spain is the omnipresent energy that we radiate and that we attract. I’ve put Spain into my work and my relationships over the last five years which has resulted in the best five years of my life. I hope everyone finds their Spain.

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I’m Moving to Prague!

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Usually when I post less frequently on my blog it’s because I’m focusing on work or something in my personal life is requiring my attention. The last few months have been no different. I recently returned from a week in the Czech Republic exploring Prague. In fact, I’m currently taking advantage of my jet lag by writing this post after waking up at 4:30am. This trip to Prague wasn’t one of my typical on-a-whim adventures and I didn’t jet set because I was feeling bored. I was visiting Prague to find an apartment and get acclimated to my new work office, all because I’m moving to Prague!


Over the last few months I have been in conversation with my current company about an opportunity in a relatively new office in Prague. All of the dots connected and I made the relocation official. I spent the last week exploring different neighborhoods, apartment hunting, trying new Czech foods (and beer!), and starting to envision my new European life. This was my first time in the Czech Republic so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the week I had fallen in love with the quaint neighborhoods and stunning architecture.


I have a few more months in the U.S. to check things off of my Seattle bucket list, although I know I will return and the Pacific Northwest beauty will be waiting for me. I couldn’t be more excited to take on this new adventure of learning a new culture, language, history and making Prague my new city!


Rewind 2015: Year in Review

2015 has truly been a wild, unexpected, adventurous year filled with personal and professional development, with old and new friends. Looking back, I’m extremely grateful for everything that has happened this year and for everyone who was there along the way. I wrote a similar Year in Review post in 2013 where I introduced the concept of having a motto that lays the framework for the upcoming year.

My 2015 motto was “do more of what makes you happy,” and I’m impressed with the results this year.


At this point, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that traveling makes me happy. This year I was able to check off a few bucket list trips:

San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Anaheim and Newport Beach, CA
Kauai, HI

Headed inland today to view Waimea Canyon and the views did not disappoint. #kauai #hawaii #travel

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Portland, OR

Let’s also not forget about the countless weekend trips exploring the Pacific Northwest in the beautiful state of Washington:

Whidbey Island
Port Townsend

Exploring Port Townsend 🌧🌪🌊 #washingtonstate #pnw

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Mt. Rainier
Mt. Baker


I can honestly say that I can’t possibly remember all of the live music I experienced this year. I traveled to distant islands for festivals, discovered local bands in Seattle’s iconic venues, and saw bands that I’ve listened to for years. A few of the highlights from this year are:

Electric Daisy Carnival in San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Chainsmokers in Las Vegas

Well, that was an experience. Thanks to @thechainsmokers for a real #Vegas night!

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Charli XCX, Bleachers, BØRNS, and Robert DeLong in Seattle

What decade did I just step into? 💿#charlixcx #seattle #90s

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Wild Rabbit and Navvi – local Seattle bands that I tend to follow around
Macklemore, Weezer, Train, and Walk the Moon through work
Grizfolk and Smallpools with Alexa in Seattle


I feel extremely accomplished both personally and professionally from this year. My “day job,” aka where I spend every day during the week, has been a tremendous learning experience. I’m thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve been trusted to take on and proud of how my team has grown together over the past year. It’s very rewarding to take a moment to reflect as we’re typically looking forward instead of back.

My blog is my side project where I get to let out some of my creativity and create something that’s completely mine from start to finish, which is rewarding in its own way. The beginning of this year I focused on life, but about halfway through the year I decided it was time to put some energy back into this site. I spent weeks working on moving to self-hosting, branding, studying SEO, customizing a theme, and creating new content while laying framework to consistently post content in the future. I’m excited to continue creating and growing this website over the next year.

I’ve started to brainstorm a motto for 2016. So far I’ve come up with “make longer-term life investments,” which is vague and not very descriptive of what I’m actually trying to accomplish, but I’m still working out those details.

2016 is going to be huge, with exciting news already to come in the new year!


Discover LANY

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Discover is a series featuring new music every week. This series will highlight artists and songs that I’m currently listening to, including new releases and artists that are new to me.

LANY is an electro-R&B trio that has been circulating the music scene over the past year, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from them going into 2016. In 2014 LANY released their EP, Acronyms, which included ILYSB, which quickly began gaining success. The band kept making and releasing their synth-fueled pop music over 2015, including another EP, 4EVER!. LANY is keeping the momentum going through the end of 2015 with the announcement that they will be on tour with Ellie Goulding and dropping a new Make Out, their new EP featuring remastered versions of previously released music.

LA, New York

LA, New York

If you want to hear more of what I’m currently listening to, head over to Spotify and follow me for weekly playlist updates, or check out the music page for the latest.


A Tropical Adventure in Kauai

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I always imagined Hawaii as a place to go to migrate back and forth between the beach and an all-inclusive resort, for a week straight. I was proven wrong on my recent trip to Kauai, where I was able to experience the beauty of the island away from resorts full of newly weds and retirees.

After having quality beach time and adjusting to the slow island lifestyle, my first adventure was ascending Waimea Canyon, on the west side of Kauai. The drive was similar the journey through Mt. Rainier National Park, and I was surprised this land wasn’t considered a national park. The views from the lowest lookouts were stunning, and they only became more surreal towards the top of the canyon.

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We read a tip in a guidebook that said to continue driving up the canyon until you spot the lodge and cafe, but don’t stop there. Keep driving up the winding, nearly one lane, road and you’ll spot one of the best views in all of the U.S. The fog rolled in and out, uncovering a view that exceeded expectations from the description in the guidebook.

hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature

The second adventure for the week was a tubing trip through the irrigation canals of an old sugar cane plantation. This trip is not pictured, for obvious water related reasons, but it was an interesting and fun way to learn the history of sugar cane and Hawaiian industry. The land was located in the center of the island where I was able see the crater of the volcano, which was a check off my Kauai bucket list.

Later in the week we took a short trip to Wailua falls, where 2 more boxes were checked on the bucket list: seeing a rainbow in Hawaii and spotting a wild boar.

hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature, wailiua falls, boar, pig, rainbow hawaii, kauai, travel, waimea canyon, adventure, outdoors, nature, wailiua falls, boar, pig, rainbow

The last adventure of the trip was exploring a working farm. We took a train ride through the farm to view native crops, animals, and even Kauai’s only rum distillery.

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I couldn’t have asked for a better first trip to Hawaii, and vacation from work. I’m sure I will be back to explore the other islands, since I unfortunately only had enough time to explore Kauai in this visit.



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Hiking along the cliffs of Mahale’upa 🌊🗿🌞 #kauai #hawaii #travel

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