LA Part Two: A Road Trip to Remember

Friday in LA was my day to explore as much of the city as possible, which is an art that I’m quite good at. I went to breakfast on the UCLA campus, which was just a short walk from the Hotel Palomar, and mapped out the day.

The main goal of the day was to head to Griffith Observatory for the iconic Hollywood sign and downtown views. On the way, I made a quick stop in Beverly Hills to check out Rodeo drive, which was flooded with luxury cars, then headed for the Hollywood hills. I ascended up the hills through Griffith Park and made it to the observatory. I took pictures of the Hollywood sign, the observatory, and what I thought was the LA skyline. In my defense, it was a scorching hot LA day so my brain was a little fried. I ended up taking pictures of some random buildings north of LA and later realized on my way down from the observatory that the bigger (and actual) skyline was located behind me from where I was standing and taking pictures.

Griffith Observatory collage

I almost forgot about the LA traffic while I was rummaging through Topman in The Grove and realized I only had about 20 minutes until Alexa’s flight landed. I hurried to LAX, and by hurry I mean I aggressively sat in traffic, but made it just in time. We grabbed Mediterranean food and caught up before it was finally time to take our road trip down the coast.

I mapped out a route where we would drive most of the way down the Pacific Coast Highway, potentially stopping at Huntington Beach and Newport Beach along the way. Once we got off the 405, the drive was beautiful, with palm tree-lined roads and views of various bays, inlets, and the pacific ocean.


One of the amazing after effects of studying abroad or living in different cities around the country is that somehow you end up with connections in whatever major city you decide to visit. This time Alexa had a friend that moved to California from San Antonio and by the time we entered Huntington Beach we had made impromptu plans to grab drinks in Newport beach with her friend. And so we found ourselves, once again, watching the sunset over the pacific ocean at a bar on the beach in southern California.

Newport Beach

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