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Discover Kate Boy: My First Prague Live Music Experience

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It only took me 2 weeks to get settled in Prague before I felt the urge to venture out and experience the live music scene. I pulled up my Bandsintown app and scrolled through the numerous electronic DJs that were set to play that weekend at the hundreds of Prague nightclubs. Finally, I found a show that was recommended to me based off an electronic-pop artist that I frequently listen to. Kate Boy was playing Saturday night at the Meet Factory. This was my first time hearing of Kate Boy and I  certainly haven’t been to the Meet Factory venue before, but it sounded like a show I would go to back in the U.S.

After lightly researching Kate Boy, who at first sounded like a mix between Charli XCX and Allie X, I was sold. Now it was time to find out where this venue was located. I’m not too familiar with the different neighborhoods and districts in Prague, but by looking at the map, it seemed the Meet Factory was located slightly outside of the main city center in an area that didn’t have many other attractions. Google street view confirmed it was, in fact, located in a warehouse. I didn’t think twice about going. It seemed like an authentic European music experience to me.

I have to admit I took an Uber to this show because I’m not too comfortable with the multiple tram and bus lines that it would have taken to get to this location. I instantly felt good vibes when I arrived. The warehouse was isolated overlooking train tracks and surrounded by graffitied walls and signs. There were 2 large, red car sculptures hanging from the facade of the building marking the entrance. The venue is a performance art gallery that is sectioned off  into different spaces. The people were my people. I was in my zone surrounded by so much art and culture.

The opening DJ, Atrey, played an 80s-inspired electronic set to start the night. The intimate performance space filled with smoke, bright lights, and people starting to loosen up to the music. Kate Boy was on next, and the Australian-Swedish duo brought an electric energy into the room with their synth beats and pop vocals. They played an incredible set that converted me into a fan. This was their last show on tour and they said they would be heading back to the studio to make new music following this closing show.


I left feeling positive about the music scene in Prague and can’t wait to keep exploring what’s out there. I hope to frequent the Meet Factory, whether for music or other art events in the gallery.


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